Why Magnus Bane?

I’m not going to lie–I don’t like Cassandra Clare (Formerly known as Cassie Claire, among other things). She’s a plagiarist, a liar, and a bully. Also, a terrible writer (which in itself is forgivable.). I add her Mortal Instruments series as some of the most over-hyped garbage that ever made the NYT best-seller list. The writing is terrible. Since I got hooked on Harry Shum Jr.’s portrayal of Magnus Bane, I went back and tried to re-read the books (especially the Bane Chronicles), which I had dismissed years ago.

Let’s just say…it didn’t work out. Again. I should learn to trust my own judgement.

Saw the movie on TV. Also shite.

Caught a few non-Magnus minutes of a Shadowhunters episode… and it was pretty much Buffy.The scene I saw was move-for-move taken straight from a classic Buffy scene. I watched a bit more, and it got more egregious. It played like AU Harry Potter characters living in the Buffy universe, with Sherrilyn Kenyon sprinkled in just to make sure it doesn’t seem TOO derivative. I mean, what are the chances that someone reads HP and Sherrilyn’s Dark-Hunters AND watched Buffy? Because genre geeks never do that sort of thing, right?

*bland look*

Anyway…I completely dismissed the show’s existence. I hate giving CC a moment’s attention or any kind of publicity, anyway.

Then I stumbled across a link on Twitter, I think, to a video, thus:

And well…

My first reaction was, “Wait, what’s this now?” Ironically, it was a kissing scene that first pulled me in to Buffy:

I do believe I was done for at about 2:06.

But back to Malec. I saw that video and sought out others. I was intrigued, so I broke out the handy ON DEMAND button on my remote. I watched SH through. It was… not good, over all. I mean, the kids mean well, but it’s seriously flawed and not terribly original. I enjoyed most of the characters–except the main leads, which is strange.

But it was this flashy wizard guy who got my attention. He looked so familiar, and yet so completely alien. He was a terrific mix of dark and broody, with a dash of Adam Lambert and Captain Jack Sparrow for flavor. I was instantly obsessed. He has all those qualities I love in a hero: strong, powerful, even dangerous. Old and lonely, but hiding it behind a facade of toughness and arrogance. Damaged and vulnerable. I could not get enough.

I watched the first season through about three times in a row, and only lamented that there wasn’t a Magnus Bane edit. You know, I could get the “previouslies” about the other characters, and the rest of the time was focused on Magnus and Malec. But alas…

I needed to know more about the clever gentleman portraying Magnus Bane. Imagine my surprise when I discovered, “OMG IT’S MIKE CHANGE JR!!! WHO IS ACTUALLY HARRY SHUM JR.! THE OTHER ASIAN!”

Mind. Blown.

Now, I am a dedicated Bane-ite. Banian? Baneist? I don’t know, whatever. But a new character is added to my pantheon of beloved fictional heroes.

I love Magnus in spite of CC. Which is deeply annoying, let me tell you.



    • Oh, gosh, thank you! I’m obsessed, what can I say. I have a bunch of stuff on An Archive of Our own — mostly Shadowhunters and Buffy. (My handle is Ducks) But I do also write professionally, although I haven’t finished anything lately. I write both m/f and m/m (and one m/f/m) dark fantasy and m/m contemporary. I have blogs for each, but I only do reviews and promotion on them.

      Thank you so much for your comments!

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