This is why.


I have a fetish for a particular kind of character that follows a basic set of traits, but varies enough so that each remains an individual.

Right now, you may have noticed that my fannish attentions have turned to Magnus Bane. I confess I haven’t read any of the books past the first three–nor do I plan to, with the exception of THE BANE CHRONICLES and the upcoming adult series based on my favorite freewheeling omnisexual warlock.

That character type I mentioned: he (usually he, I like a different kind of heroine) is strong, kickass, often super or supernaturally powerful. He tends toward brilliance, whether he admits it or not. He has an undeniable (but varying by character) sex appeal. He is outwardly self-assured and more often than not, a smart ass. He has some humility, and many times low self-esteem, but he hides it, along with many of his other emotions, behind a fierce defense system that often includes wry, sarcastic humor.

Sound familiar?

The featured photo in this post is the moment that Magnus stole my heart. Yes, it was the Malec kiss that first drew me in to begin with, but when I went back to watch the rest of the episodes to see how we got there was my journey to becoming a Magnus fan. He loves Alec, and I think Malec is adorable, but I am a Magnus girl.

That face. Magnus is a warlock, but it’s Harry Shum Jr.’s portrayal that makes the magick. He can sure as Hell smirk, but it’s that boyish vulnerability beneath that grabs your heart and won’t let go. In this scene, here he is, exposing his heart to Alec, and he fully looks as if he’s waiting to be kicked like an abused puppy. It’s that soft center that makes an alpha character appealing to me, and HSJ’s Magnus has got both down pat.



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