Baby’s First Fic Rec!

Baby being me, of course. đŸ˜€

My natural fannish state of being is in the fanfic arena. Back in the Buffy Days, that was where the majority of my experience in fandom lay. I think I wrote a few thousand pages of fic, from PWP (porn without plot), to fluff (schmoopy happy romance) to dramatic epics. But for all of the pages I wrote, I read 100x as many. For quite a few years, I think I read more BtVS/AtS fanfic than original fiction.

I haven’t written much outside Buffy fandom. A Supernatural crossover, a Pirates of the Caribbean fic, a couple for the Star Trek movie reboot. I also haven’t gotten too deeply involved in any other fandoms after Buffy–long, agonizing story. But when I do fall for a character, show, movie, etc., the first thing I do is look for fic recs. Of course, the fic world doesn’t really vary between fandoms or over time, and the majority of stuff just isn’t very good–looking for something exactly to my particular tastes can be difficult. I consider myself lucky when I find recommendations or fics that work for me!

Since I fan-fell for Magnus, I started looking for fic about him, alone and as part of Malec. And…let’s just say that I wasn’t finding much that I liked. It’s actually the first time I’ve used Tumblr to any degree, but I found some recs on a few blogs there.

I was really lucky–following these recs, I almost immediately found a series that I LURRRRVE! The Max Two Series by heartsdesire456 at AO3.

IT IS THE CUTEST, SWEETEST, FUNNIEST, MOST HEART-WRENCHING THING EVER! I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with this universe’s Malec like WHOA.

Magnus is more my spirit animal in this series than in “real” life–we cry over the exact same things. Poor sensitive Magnus.

I’m a book reviewer, so I should do a better job at this, yes? No. When I do it for fun, I feel free to squee and fangirl with no particular care for professionalism! If you love Malec, and live for the idea of a fuzzy, domestic family dramedy with them, can’t recommend this series enough.

Also: It has bonus Chairman Meow!



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