@toddzer1 @dswim, @ShadowhuntersTV: Sensitivity, you’re doing it wrong. #Shadowhunters

So… you may have read a LOT of tweets, and maybe my rant yesterday, or not. But by now you’re well aware that people had SERIOUS issues with the way Malec’s ridiculous “first time” played out on the show. People thought Magnus’ consent wasn’t clear enough…or at all. And you out of your boundless generosity, apologized.

But also, there were those of us Malec fans in the LGBTQ+ community (and allies) who were slapped in the face by the old Hollywood BS style “fade to black” fed to our favorite (and the show’s only) LGBT couple. Earlier in the episode, we saw Jace getting it on with some half-naked seelie, and the show has NEVER shied away from physical intimacy in the past.

But the #1 couple on the show? Who just happen to be two men (which everybody LOVES to brag about among show management “Look how progressive we are! We have gays! They kiss sometimes! Aren’t they cute?”)?

They get cut to black. Not even a shirt being removed, or lying on the bed, or hell, even an open-mouthed kiss.

What are we supposed to think about that? Jace/random female, half naked, giggling and romping in bed vs. CUT TO BLACK. The implication is that you don’t think it’s, or we, are worth seeing people like us explore intimacy for the first time. We don’t need full nudity or porn or anything salacious, but how about EQUAL TIME AND RESPECTFUL TREATMENT FOR YOUR MOST BELOVED PAIRING?

It smacks like homophobia. It stinks like you think two men being passionate or deeply intimate is disgusting and shouldn’t be seen. It hurts like you think your LGBTQ+ audience isn’t worth seeing their own sexuality affirmed on their favorite TV show.

Later last night, you apologized for being insensitive on the consent issue. Naturally, “you never thought about it,” like many people who don’t understand rape or have never been raped,”you just assumed we’d know.” But, whatever. At least you made a lame effort.

But about accusations of homophobia? NOTHING. Not only nothing, but you condescend to call Malec fans offended by the blatant snub “disappointed.” Honey, I’m disappointed when I eat too much ice cream and my jeans won’t button. This is OFFENSIVE and ENRAGING. You just told me in show form that my sexuality is nasty and shouldn’t be shown on television.

Not a word about it. But WAIT. Then you make it WORSE by taking a tactic often used by majority groups when confronted with their own bigotry: you take us to task for speaking up. You tell us who we can and can’t talk to, and with what tone of voice we may speak — if we really have to speak at all. “DON’T YOU DARE” you say.

Seriously? Brother, let me lay a few things at your feet:

  1. You, the other producers, directors, AND writers create a product. A commodity, which I as a viewer then consume. You may not be familiar with criticism, I don’t know. But when the consumer is unhappy — nay, OFFENDED — by your product, it is not only their right, but their responsibility to speak up. The writers don’t get to be immune because they’re a delicate flower or whatever. If a writer can’t take anything from constructive criticism to downright hate mail, they are in the wrong profession. I feel confident saying this because I am one. Grow a thicker skin or go open a gardening supply business.
  2. If you had bothered to IN ANY WAY address the concerns of LGBTQ+ fans and their allies, the anger would not have been BUILDING for three days. If you had said, right away, “That wasn’t the way we meant it. It was XXX.” We might still have been angry, but we wouldn’t be tossing around words like “homophobic” and “tokenism,” and other terms majority groups get all wounded over when we use them. “But I’m not a homophobe!”
  3. Dude, don’t not only IGNORE legitimate criticism, but then TAKE CRITICS TO TASK FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR. That’s like being in a crowd of angry protesters and asking them to keep it down because what they’re saying is irrelevant. YOU ARE MAKING THE PROBLEM WORSE.People are getting ANGRIER, not LESS angry. If you lose your Malec fanbase, or hell, even the LGBTQ+ portion of your fanbase, you’re going to have a lot less sturdy of a fanbase.
  4. You run around talking about how you love Malec, how you respect Malec, how important they and their fans are, and how you planned to do them justice. When? You lost your #1 chance in 207! Instead of showing them respect as a beloved couple worth just as much as any other on the show — you almost literally shoved their sexuality in A CLOSET. It was room-sized, but that’s not the point. The symbolism of FADE TO BLACK on “problematic”relationships (or any sex back in the day) is OFFENSIVE. This is 2017! My soap opera has more gay sex in it!

I can’t profess to know your sexual orientation or that of any of the management and writers/directors of the show. But you’re sure acting like a cisgendered, straight, privileged white jerk here. You’re not LGBTQ+, so what do you care about that audience or how important Malec is to them? It’s just ratings, right?

You might want to think about that before you 1. ignore our criticism of your apparent homophobia, and 2. lecture us about how we should act in response.

There are lots of shows I could watch that have lame or no LGBTQ+ representation. If you’re just going to trot Malec out for three minutes an episode, and have them slide off-screen anytime they want to do anything but closed-mouth kiss, then…. your major drawing point for me goes right out the window. The show is good, the cast is great, but Malec is why I stay. Magnus, specifically — there aren’t any bisexual characters like him on television. But treating him like a leper whose love and sex is something to be ashamed of? Yeah, I get enough of that in real life.

Just sayin.


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