I Can Haz @ShadowhuntersTV Predictions – SPOILERS FROM PROMOS & PICS Ep. 9 & 10

  • In the promo for the next episode, we see Alec beating the crap out of Raphael, and then (possibly in another scene) arguing with Magnus.
  • Alec is clearly going to find out about Isabelle’s addiction to Yin-Fen, and how Raphael “helped” her. (Which in Raphael’s defense, he really thought he was, and he did it under extreme duress. I was glad to see him talk about what Magnus did for him during 208.)
  • Alec will find this information out possibly from Aldertree himself, who’s just evil enough to want to use the news not only to deflect attention from his responsibility in the matter, but to start trouble between Alec and Magnus. By extension of that trouble, the Downworld loses one of their few Shadowhunter defenders.
  • It’s possible that Aldertree gave Izzy the Yin-Fen with this exact nefarious purpose in mind or something similar. He knows full well what vampire venom does. The young Lightwoods are powerful Shadowhunters who are far more open-minded than the older generation. The Clave wants to shut that open-mindedness down, and that is basically what Aldertree is there for. It’s really kind of a brilliant plan.
  • Obviously, Alec is going to confront Magnus. Whether Aldertree told Alec that Magnus knows, or Magnus confesses on his own that he suspected Izzy’s problem, it’s going to get ugly. At one point in the promo, Magnus says, “I didn’t know,” and Alec shouts, “You knew enough!”
  • Alec is going to call things off with Magnus. He may even be pissed enough to say something nasty about his cat eyes or his being a Downworlder. At which point I will write a short fanfic where Alec trips and falls in a hole, and Magnus won’t save him until he begs for forgiveness, then gives Magnus a nice… uh…handshake.
  • To make a shitty situation worse, I think Alec is going to turn Raphael over to the Clave. Because Magnus is so protective of Raphael, this is going to cause a rift between Malec that isn’t going to heal anytime soon. Definitely not before the end of 2A, MAYBE in 2B. It’s going to get seriously rough.
  • To make things EVEN WORSE: in stills from 210, we see Clary and Magnus looking at something on Clary’s phone in horror, and Magnus finally turning away with a crushed look on his face. I’m thinking either they see Madzie (or maybe Cleophas, though I think she’ll come back into play later*) killed by Valentine, or they see Camille, Raphael, or both executed by the Clave.Things really don’t look good for Malec here, because as angry as Alec might be that Magnus didn’t speak up about Izzy or that he defended Raphael, the fact that Alec sent Raphael to be killed is something Magnus just won’t be able to forgive easily– if at all. Remember, he had no problem letting Camille run around doing some pretty horrible things for a century or two, but his line in the sand was the threat her freedom posed to Raphael.

I’m so TV depressed now. I mean, this is a good story, but as is typical of dramatic shows, nobody ever gets to be happy for more than 30 seconds. And considering how Malec’s intimacy was completely shoved in a closet, then blown off the next episode, a breakup is going to feel a hundred times more yucky.

I can’t say whether or not there are other pictures that contradict my theories — I haven’t been looking for them like I used to. So if you know anything, please let me know in the comments. I don’t really like being spoiled, but I would like to know if my theory holds water!

* I think Cleophas will become one of the first endarkened if the show goes that route.


Oh dear.

(GIF from @shum_dario_)

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