I JUST noticed something in 208! #Shadowhunters #Malec


This is currently my wallpaper on my laptop. I had just booted up this morning, and I found myself kind of looking at it more closely than I had previously.


Or at the very least, took Alec to his tailor, conjured up his clothes, or bought them on an outing somewhere Magnus likes to shop.

The picture is a little grainy, and it’s much easier to see details when it’s full size, but here’s my evidence:

  1. Magnus’ cravat matches the lapels of Alec’s jacket.
  2. The lapels of Magnus’ jacket match Alec’s shirt.
  3. The color of both Magnus and Alec’s pocket squares match not only the color of Magnus’ shirt, but each other (although I think the pattern of Magnus’ matches his shirt, while Alec’s is plain).
  4. The pattern on Alec’s jacket matches (or at least coordinates with) the pattern of Magnus’ shirt.

OMG THEY’RE MATCHY! I can totally see Magnus taking Alec to his favorite tailor and suggesting these outfits, and Alec would say something like, “Matching, really?” Maybe Magnus gives him puppy eyes or a pout (whatever TV!Magnus’ method of getting his way with Alec), and Alec sighs and relents. Whatever it takes to make his man happy!

I totally just SQUEED out loud.

What do you guys think?



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